Thursday, January 28, 2010

IOC, +1.27 points, +4.5 R

Long IOC at 64.63, stop 64.35.
Out 65.9

IOC was down significantly for several days. I bought it after its volume jumped around 11:45, a pretty good indicator of a bottom. After it moved up above 65, I moved the stop up to 64.49. It came back all the way to 64.5 but I held on. It lingered for a good 1/2 hour and finally moved back up again. Got out near the 66 round number and also the previous congestion area.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Change of focus

Haven't posted anything in a while. I've decided from now on to post only the trades that I did well in. I'm pretty cynical and pessimistic in general and tend to focus too much attention on the bad trades and the mistakes. A change of focus might do me some good. Hopefully as I do better and have more well executed trades, posting will become more and more frequent.

Friday, December 18, 2009

-1.38 points, -5.31 R (Grade F)

Lost control today. Was having a decent day, up about 2.5 R before the last hour, then came CECO. My bad habits of buying falling knives and revenge trading took over and destroyed the week's profit. The stop prices posted below is not what the real stop was while trading, it's given to reflect the correct Rs lost during the rampage. I was trading on impulse and adding to losers. There were no neat and clean stop numbers to look back on.
I need to learn to stop my self from trading when things go wrong. Got to control that urge to get back at the market.


Enter Exit Stop P/L points Initial risk R
short POT 113.75 113 114.3 0.75 0.55 1.36
long CECO 25.04 25.38 24.7 0.34 0.34 1.00
long CECO 24.54 23.9 24.3 (0.64) 0.24 (2.67)
long CECO 23.86 23.1 23.5 (0.76) 0.36 (2.11)
long CECO 23.67 22.6 23.3 (1.07) 0.37 (2.89)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

+0.98 points, +3.4R (Grade C)

In and out of ESRX a couple of times today. Shorted right before the 1:30pm drop but didn't think it will reach the low of day again, and covered with only 30 cents profit. It went down 2 more points afterwards. Holding on to winners is what separate the pros from the amateurs.


Enter Exit Stop P/L points Initial risk R Date
short ESRX 87.24 86.9 87.5 0.34 0.26 1.31 1216
short ESRX 86.71 86.4 87 0.31 0.29 1.07 1216
short MHS 62.84 62.76 63.1 0.08 0.26 0.31 1216
long ESRX 84.75 85 84.4 0.25 0.35 0.71 1216

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

+0.58 points, +1.28 R (Grade B)

Minor gains yesterday, minor gains today.
Missed FDS short.

Shorted BBY at 42. Out at 41.57. The stock was obviously weak in the morning, it bounced off the low and made a few attempts at 42.5 but could'nt get over it. But the move down was very hesitant, I bailed a little early. Eventually it went to 41.

CSIQ was another slow mover. Bought when it broke the morning high at 25.67 Sold at 25.82. It made another dip to my entry point and then popped to a high of 26.27.


Enter Exit Stop P/L points Initial risk R
short BBY 42 41.57 42.5 0.43 0.50 0.86
long CSIQ 25.67 25.82 25.31 0.15 0.36 0.42
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- Trading for Dummies is simple, elegant and beautiful. Master it and you'll have mastered daytrading. Thanks to the Chairman for his generosity.